Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Luke!

It is hard to believe it has been 1 year! He is grown up so much! I pray that next year I can enjoy each moment because it goes by so fast!

Sports Jamboree

This past weekend John and I went to Harrisburg for their annual Sports Jamboree. It is open to kids who are blind or in a wheelchair. John and I got to host Colin. He is 13, very energetic, and has a great heart! We were blessed by all who were there! We look forward to it next year! Below is a picture of John, Colin, and myself.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Luke Crawled!

This past Thursday, Luke crawled for the very first time! John and I were both at home to see it! We were all sitting on the floor and Luke just took off after one of Samson's toys! We are very proud of him! Now we can't wait for him to walk because he would really rather not crawl. He loves to walk though!

Another Friday Fun Day!

This past Friday, we got together to go swimming! It was a beautiful day for swimming. Luke and the other kids really enjoyed the pool. Our friend Chelle and her kids came the whole way from North Carolina to join us! It was great to see them! I hope they can make it for our next fun Friday!
Rebecca and Chelle

Chelle and myself (by the way, I am not that white Chelle is just really tan)

Gabe showing off his muscles!

Celebrating Father's Day and Luke and Erin's Birthday too!

Gretchen and Joe had everyone over to celebrate a couple of different occasions. They had a sleepover where Heidi, Brian and the kids slept in tents. They were brave! John, myself, and Luke went home to sleep and came back in the morning for breakfast. That is our idea of camping! At night we watched a movie outside and had a campfire. During the day, we enjoyed cooling off in their pool! Thanks for having us over. We had a great time! Below are some pictures from the event.
Happy Birthday to Luke and Erin! Great job on the cake, Heidi!
Luke didn't do too much smashing of the cake in his face. Maybe next time!
Luke chillin' in the present he got from Aunt Gretchen
Daddy and Luke
Best friends Cailin and Erin
The tents
Even Samson got to enjoy himself!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Friday Fun Days Begin!

Now that our friend Amy has her Fridays free; Luke, myself, our other friend Sarah and her 2 kids Caden and Alyssa try to spend the day together doing fun things! Our first fun day was this past Friday. We went to the Touch and Feel Museum in Philly. Luke was a bit cranky because he didn't nap, but the rest of us enjoyed ourselves! It is great place for kids. They get to play with everything there! Luke was a little young, but I am sure he will enjoy it soon! What our we going to do for our next fun day, ladies?

Luke with the ladiesEveryone minus Amy on an airplane (like I said, Luke was a little cranky)
And the one thing Luke did enjoy to touch, the cash register
Thanks for providing the pictures, Amy!