Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to....

John, Brian, Pete, Anne, and Morgan. John's mom had a birthday party for them this past weekend. We had a great time! The food, of course, was good. Heidi made one of her awesome cakes and then they beat us at games! Here are some pictures thanks to Heidi.

Hans, Megan, Erin, and Brian

Luke and Joe

Morgan with one of her presents


Nana, Megan, and Pop-pop

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful valentine's day with their loved ones! I was going to post a picture of Luke holding a heart, but he wasn't in the mood today. We think he is teething. So just imagine cute, little Luke holding a heart. That is his valentine to all of you!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another trip to the ER

On Super Bowl Sunday, my dad and Sally came back to the house to watch some of the super bowl with us. Sally was preparing hot tea, and Luke just likes to get his hands into everything these days so he managed to spill the boiling tea all over Sally and on himself! So we took another trip to the ER. They both had 2nd degree burns on them. Poor Sally and Luke! Sally was going on her honeymoon the next day, and Luke can't keep out of the ER.

Luke really did perk up once we got to the ER. He was having a great time with his Grammie Sally. They were playing and laughing together! I guess he felt like it was home to him. We figured out he has been in the ER 4 times in 4 weeks. Our goal is to keep him out of the ER for a whole month! We also hope Sally can still have a wonderful time on her honeymoon! She deserves it!

Micah's Baptism

The day after my dad and Sally got married, Micah was baptized. Uncle Todd and Aunt Lisa were his godparents. It was a very nice ceremony. We were very thankful to be there. The whole family made it to his baptism! May the Lord bless Micah Joseph.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Wedding Day to You!

My dad and Sally got married on February 2, 2008. The ceremony was beautiful! Sally looked great and my dad and her couldn't have been happier! My uncle and cousin sang at the ceremony. (They also sang at my wedding.) They sounded wonderful. Sally's mom and her oldest brother walked her down the aisle. All of Sally's kids and all of my siblings stood up during their vows to be witnesses to their marriage.

The reception was also beautiful. It was at a local country club. Only immediate family was invited. It was small, but very nice! All of the grandkids sang happy wedding day to Sally and Pappy to the tune of Happy Birthday. It was very cute! We are very excited to have Sally and her kids and their families be apart of our family! We love our Grammie Sally!